Company history:

"Grossmann" LTD is a family business founded in 1995 with address Gotse Delchev, 6 Peyo Yavorov str.

The company specializes in the manufacturing of knitwear and has its own trademark.

We work for internal and external market with partners from Greece, England and Germany. The company endeavor is to keep good relationship with its partners.

Organization of manifacture is a combination of production in time and space. The process follows these steps:

1.Receiving basic and auxiliary materials.
2.Cutting of the model and its distribution on the assembly line.
3.Sewing article.
4.Ironing and packing.

So far the company has been part in subcontractor lines and worked entirely with materials from the companies, which order products.

Grossmann company has its own manufacturing and administrative rooms, situated on 492 square meters in total. In the premises there are two separate sewing workshops, cutting, ironing and packing rooms, offices for administration.

The firm’s equipment is grouped as follows:

Sewing machines:
1. Sewing automats 27 pcs.
2. Overlock machines -4 needle -34 pcs.
3. Coverstitch mashines - 19 pcs.
4. High speed, Cylinder-bed, Needle-feed, double chainstitch machine for attaching waistband-1 pcs
5. Eylet buttonholder - 3 pcs.
6. Lockstitch bartacking mashine – 1 pcs.
7. Flat- lock machine - 1 pcs.
8. Eyelet buttonholder machine - 1 pcs.
9. Steam generator – 3 pcs.
10. Ironing boards - 6 pcs.

Cutting machines:
Gang shears - 2 pcs.
Disc shears - 1 pcs.
Bandsaw - 1 pcs.

Our business partner:

  • Menta AD.
  • Eva Jo LTD.
  • Pirin Tex LTD
  • Metaxa LTD
  • Nelco Bulgaria LTD
  • Modelina AD
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